Model Documentation

This page provides links to “user-friendly” write-ups of all the major modules that comprise the TLO Model. In addition,

  • A high-level overview of the design of the model is provided here: .docx;

  • The entire code is fully documented under Reference.

  • A list of the health system interaction events defined in the model is provided here.

Core Functions

  • Demography: Determines population structure and deaths from causes not represented in the model. .docx

  • Lifestyle: Determines key characteristics and risk factors that may change during the life-course (including, education, diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, access to hand-washing and sanitation). .docx

  • SymptomManager: Manages the onset and resolution of symptoms, including symptoms caused by conditions not included in the model. .docx

  • HealthSeekingBehaviour: Determines if and how persons seek care following the development of a symptom of ill-health. .docx

  • HealthBurden: Tracks the occurrence of Disability-Adjusted Life-Years in the population. .docx

Representation of the Healthcare System

  • HealthSystem: Tracks the availability and usage of the resources of the healthcare system with respect to healthcare worker time, consumables and equipment for in-patient care. .docx

  • Routine Immunization: The services that deliver a set of immunizations to children. .docx

Contraception, Maternal and Newborn Health

  • Contraception: Determines fecundity, the usage of contraception (including switching between contraceptives) and the onset of pregnancy. .docx Journal article (Studies in Family Planning) <>

  • Maternal and Newborn Health Represents the antenatal period of pregnancy (the period from conception to the termination of pregnancy), labour, birth, the postnatal period, associated complications and healthcare delivered through routine and emergency maternity services. .pdf

Conditions of Early Childhood

  • Acute Lower Respiratory Infection: Childhood viral pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia and viral bronchiolitis and the treatments associated with each. .docx

  • Diarrhoea: Childhood diarrhoea caused by virus or bacteria resulting in dehydration, and the treatments associated. .docx

  • Childhood Undernutrition: Acute and chronic undernutrition and its effects of Wasting and Stunting. .docx

Communicable Diseases

  • HIV: HIV/AIDS and associated prevention and treatment programmes. .docx

  • TB: Tuberculosis and associated prevention and treatment programmes. .docx

  • Malaria: Malaria disease and associated prevention and treatment programmes. .docx

  • Measles: Measles-related disease and associated prevention and treatment programmes. .docx

  • Schistosomiasis: Schistosomiasis disease and associated prevention and treatment programmes. .docx

Non-Communicable Conditions

  • Cancers:
    • Bladder Cancer: Cancer of the bladder and its treatment. .docx

    • Breast Cancer: Cancer of the breast and its treatment. .docx

    • Oesophageal Cancer: Cancer of the oesophagus and its treatment. .docx

    • Other Adult Cancer: Summary representation of any type of cancer other those listed and their treatment. .docx

    • Prostate Cancer: Cancer of the prostate and its treatment. .docx

  • Cardio-metabolic Disorders:
    • Diabetes Type 2, Hypertension, Stroke, Ischemic Heart Disease, Myocardial Infarction .docx

  • Injuries:
    • Road Traffic Injuries: Injuries arising from road traffic incidents and their treatment. .docx

  • Other Non-Communicable Conditions
    • Chronic Lower Back Pain: Summary representation of chronic lower back pain as part of a set of common non-communicable conditions. .docx

    • Chronic Kidney Disease: Summary representation of chronic kidney disease as part of a set of common non-communicable conditions. .docx

    • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Summary representation of COPD as a cause of death/disability and as a risk factor for other conditions. .docx

    • Depression: Depression, self-harm and suicide, and the treatment of depression. .docx

    • Epilepsy Epilepsy and its treatment. .docx