Model Documentation

This page provides links to “user-friendly” write-ups of all the major modules that comprise the TLO Model. In addition,

  • A high-level overview of the design of the model is provided here: .docx;

  • The entire code is fully documented under Reference.

  • A list of the health system interaction events defined in the model is provided here.

Core Functions

  • Demography: Determines population structure and deaths from causes not represented in the model. .docx

  • Lifestyle: Determines key characteristics and risk factors that may change during the life-course (including, education, diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, access to hand-washing and sanitation). .docx

  • SymptomManager: Manages the onset and resolution of symptoms, including symptoms caused by conditions not included in the model. .docx

  • HealthSeekingBehaviour: Determines if and how persons seek care following the development of a symptom of ill-health. .docx

  • HealthBurden: Tracks the occurrence of Disability-Adjusted Life-Years in the population. .docx

Representation of the Healthcare System

  • HealthSystem: Tracks the availability and usage of the resources of the healthcare system with respect to healthcare worker time, consumables and equipment for in-patient care. .docx

  • Routine Immunization: The services that deliver a set of immunizations to children. (Forthcoming)

Contraception, Pregnancy and Labour

  • Contraception: Determines fecundity, the usage of contraception (including switching between contraceptives) and the onset of pregnancy. .docx

  • Pregnancy Represents the antenatal period of pregnancy (the period from conception to the termination of pregnancy), including complication experienced and emergency care that may be provided. .docx

  • Care of Women During Pregnancy: Determines the routine care provided during pregnancy. .docx

  • Labour: Represents the labour, birth and the immediate postnatal period, including complications experienced, and the care provided (including ‘skilled birth attendance’ at basic or comprehensive level emergency obstetric care facilities). .docx

  • Newborns Represents the key conditions/complications experienced by a neonate and the treatments associated. .docx

  • Postnatal Women Represents the key conditions/complications experienced by a mother (and by association, a neonate) in the period immediately postpartum and the treatments associated. .docx

Conditions of Early Childhood

  • Acute Lower Respiratory Infection: Childhood viral pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia and viral bronchiolitis and the treatments associated with each. .docx

  • Diarrhoea: Childhood diarrhoea caused by virus or bacteria resulting in dehydration, and the treatments associated. .docx

  • Childhood Undernutrition: Acute and chronic undernutrition and its effects of Wasting and Stunting. .docx

Communicable Diseases

  • HIV: HIV/AIDS and associated prevention and treatment programmes. .docx

  • TB: Tuberculosis and associated prevention and treatment programmes. .docx

  • Measles: Measles-related disease and associated prevention and treatment programmes. (Forthcoming)

  • Malaria: Malaria disease and associated prevention and treatment programmes. .docx

  • Schistosomiasis: Schistosomiasis disease and associated prevention and treatment programmes. .docx

Non-Communicable Conditions

  • Cancers:
    • Bladder Cancer: Cancer of the bladder and its treatment. .docx

    • Breast Cancer: Cancer of the breast and its treatment. .docx

    • Oesophageal Cancer: Cancer of the oesophagus and its treatment. .docx

    • Other Adult Cancer: Summary representation of any type of cancer other those listed and their treatment. .docx

    • Prostate Cancer: Cancer of the prostate and its treatment. .docx

  • Cardio-metabolic Disorders:
    • Diabetes Type 2, Hypertension, Stroke, Ischemic Heart Disease, Myocardial Infarction .docx

  • Injuries:
    • Road Traffic Injuries: Injuries arising from road traffic incidents and their treatment. .docx

  • Other Non-Communicable Conditions
    • Chronic Lower Back Pain: Summary representation of chronic lower back pain as part of a set of common non-communicable conditions. .docx

    • Chronic Kidney Disease: Summary representation of chronic kidney disease as part of a set of common non-communicable conditions. .docx

    • Depression: Depression, self-harm and suicide, and the treatment of depression. .docx

    • Epilepsy Epilepsy and its treatment. .docx