Learning Resources

We provide here resources that provide a background to the type of modelling and health-economics work we are undertaken.

Online Course in Individual-Based Modelling

Building and Understanding Individual Based Models to Inform Health Policy


  1. TLO resources on the Global Health Economics Network website


  1. Tutorial introduction to individual-based modelled [Video] (Slides)

  2. Mathematical models in the evaluation of health programmes

  3. Agent-Based Modelling in Public Health: Current Applications and Future Directions

  4. Systems modelling and simulation in health service design, delivery and decision making

  5. Health system modelling research: towards a whole-health-system perspective for identifying good value for money investments in health system strengthening

  6. Lessons from a decade of individual-based models for infectious disease transmission: A systematic review (2006-2015)

  7. The ODD Protocol for Describing Agent-Based and Other Simulation Models: A Second Update to Improve Clarity, Replication, and Structural Realism

  8. A standard protocol for describing individual-based and agent-based models

  9. Developing agent-based models of complex health behaviour

  10. Modelling Good Research Practices—Overview: A Report of the ISPOR-SMDM Modelling Good Research Practices Task Force-1

  11. Mathematical modelling for health systems research: A systematic review of system dynamics and agent-based models

  12. Systems science methods in public health: dynamics, networks, and agents.

  13. Simple or complicated agent-based models? A complicated issue

  14. Individual-Based Simulation Models of HIV Transmission: Reporting Quality and Recommendations