tlo.methods.wasting module

Placeholder for childhood wasting module.

class Wasting(name=None, resourcefilepath=None)[source]

Placeholder for childhood wasting module.

Provides dummy values for properties required by other modules.

Bases: tlo.core.Module







temporary property. Possible values are: [MAM, SAM, well, ]



temporary property

Class attributes:

INIT_DEPENDENCIES : {‘Demography’}

Functions (defined or overridden in class Wasting):

__init__(name=None, resourcefilepath=None)[source]

Construct a new disease module ready to be included in a simulation.

Initialises an empty parameters dictionary and module-specific random number generator.


name – the name to use for this module. Defaults to the concrete subclass’ name.


Read parameter values from file, if required.

Must be implemented by subclasses.


data_folder – path of a folder supplied to the Simulation containing data files. Typically, modules would read a particular file within here.


Set our property values for the initial population.

Must be implemented by subclasses.

This method is called by the simulation when creating the initial population, and is responsible for assigning initial values, for every individual, of those properties ‘owned’ by this module, i.e. those declared in its PROPERTIES dictionary.

TODO: We probably need to declare somehow which properties we ‘read’ here, so the simulation knows what order to initialise modules in!


population – the population of individuals


Get ready for simulation start.

Must be implemented by subclasses.

This method is called just before the main simulation loop begins, and after all modules have read their parameters and the initial population has been created. It is a good place to add initial events to the event queue.

on_birth(mother, child)[source]

Initialise our properties for a newborn individual.

Must be implemented by subclasses.

This is called by the simulation whenever a new person is born.

  • mother_id – the person id for the mother of this child (can be -1 if the mother is not identified).

  • child_id – the person id of new child