Source code for tlo.methods.epilepsy

from pathlib import Path

import pandas as pd

from tlo import DateOffset, Module, Parameter, Property, Types, logging
from import IndividualScopeEventMixin, PopulationScopeEventMixin, RegularEvent
from tlo.methods import Metadata
from tlo.methods.causes import Cause
from tlo.methods.demography import InstantaneousDeath
from tlo.methods.healthsystem import HSI_Event

# todo: note this code is becoming very depracated and does not include health interactions

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class Epilepsy(Module):
[docs] def __init__(self, name=None, resourcefilepath=None): super().__init__(name) self.resourcefilepath = resourcefilepath self.item_codes = None # (will hold consumable item codes used in the HSI)
INIT_DEPENDENCIES = {'Demography', 'HealthBurden', 'HealthSystem'} # Declare Metadata METADATA = { Metadata.DISEASE_MODULE, Metadata.USES_SYMPTOMMANAGER, Metadata.USES_HEALTHSYSTEM, Metadata.USES_HEALTHBURDEN } # Declare Causes of Death CAUSES_OF_DEATH = { 'Epilepsy': Cause(gbd_causes='Idiopathic epilepsy', label='Epilepsy'), } # Declare Causes of Disability CAUSES_OF_DISABILITY = { 'Epilepsy': Cause(gbd_causes='Idiopathic epilepsy', label='Epilepsy'), } # Module parameters PARAMETERS = { 'init_epil_seiz_status': Parameter(Types.LIST, 'Proportions in each seizure status category at baseline'), 'init_prop_antiepileptic_seiz_stat_1': Parameter( Types.REAL, 'initial proportions on antiepileptic by if seizure status = 1' ), 'init_prop_antiepileptic_seiz_stat_2': Parameter( Types.REAL, 'initial proportions on antiepileptic by if seizure status = 2' ), 'init_prop_antiepileptic_seiz_stat_3': Parameter( Types.REAL, 'initial proportions on antiepileptic by if seizure status = 3' ), 'base_3m_prob_epilepsy': Parameter(Types.REAL, 'base probability of epilepsy per 3 month period if age < 20'), 'rr_epilepsy_age_ge20': Parameter(Types.REAL, 'relative rate of epilepsy if age over 20'), 'prop_inc_epilepsy_seiz_freq': Parameter( Types.REAL, 'proportion of incident epilepsy cases with frequent seizures' ), 'base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_freq_infreq': Parameter( Types.REAL, 'base probability per 3 months of seizure status frequent if current infrequent' ), 'rr_effectiveness_antiepileptics': Parameter( Types.REAL, 'relative rate of seizure status frequent if current infrequent if on antiepileptic' ), 'base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_infreq_freq': Parameter( Types.REAL, 'base probability per 3 months of seizure status infrequent if current frequent' ), 'base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_infreq_none': Parameter( Types.REAL, 'base probability per 3 months of seizure status infrequent if current nonenow' ), 'base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_none_freq': Parameter( Types.REAL, 'base probability per 3 months of seizure status nonenow if current frequent' ), 'base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_none_infreq': Parameter( Types.REAL, 'base probability per 3 months of seizure status nonenow if current infrequent' ), 'base_prob_3m_antiepileptic': Parameter( Types.REAL, 'base probability per 3 months of starting antiepileptic, if frequent seizures' ), 'rr_antiepileptic_seiz_infreq': Parameter( Types.REAL, 'relative rate of starting antiepileptic if infrequent seizures' ), 'base_prob_3m_stop_antiepileptic': Parameter( Types.REAL, 'base probability per 3 months of stopping antiepileptic, if nonenow seizures' ), 'rr_stop_antiepileptic_seiz_infreq_or_freq': Parameter( Types.REAL, 'relative rate of stopping antiepileptic if infrequent or frequent seizures' ), 'base_prob_3m_epi_death': Parameter(Types.REAL, 'base probability per 3 months of epilepsy death'), # these definitions for disability weights are the ones in the global burden of disease list (Salomon) 'daly_wt_epilepsy_severe': Parameter( Types.REAL, 'disability weight for severe epilepsy' 'controlled phase - code 860' ), 'daly_wt_epilepsy_less_severe': Parameter( Types.REAL, 'disability weight for less severe epilepsy' 'controlled phase - code 861' ), 'daly_wt_epilepsy_seizure_free': Parameter( Types.REAL, 'disability weight for less severe epilepsy' 'controlled phase - code 862' ), } """ 860,Severe epilepsy,'Epilepsy, seizures >= once a month','has sudden seizures one or more times each month, with violent muscle contractions and stiffness, loss of consciousness, and loss of urine or bowel control. Between seizures the person has memory loss and difficulty concentrating. ',0.552,0.375,0.71 861,Less severe epilepsy,'Epilepsy, seizures 1-11 per year','has sudden seizures two to five times a year, with violent muscle contractions and stiffness, loss of consciousness, and loss of urine or bowel control.',0.263,0.173,0.367 862,'Seizure-free, treated epilepsy',Generic uncomplicated disease: worry and daily medication, has a chronic disease that requires medication every day and causes some worry but minimal interference with daily activities.,0.049,0.031,0.072 """ # Properties of individuals 'owned' by this module PROPERTIES = { 'ep_seiz_stat': Property( Types.CATEGORICAL, '(0 = never epilepsy, 1 = previous seizures none now, 2 = infrequent seizures, 3 = frequent seizures)', categories=['0', '1', '2', '3'], ), 'ep_antiep': Property(Types.BOOL, 'on antiepileptic'), 'ep_epi_death': Property(Types.BOOL, 'epilepsy death this 3 month period'), 'ep_unified_symptom_code': Property(Types.CATEGORICAL, '', categories=['0', '1', '2', '3']), 'ep_disability': Property(Types.REAL, 'disability weight for current 3 month period'), } # Declaration of how we will refer to any treatments that are related to this disease. TREATMENT_ID = 'antiepileptic'
[docs] def read_parameters(self, data_folder): """Read parameter values from file, if required. Here we just assign parameter values explicitly. :param data_folder: path of a folder supplied to the Simulation containing data files. Typically modules would read a particular file within here. """ # Update parameters from the resource dataframe dfd = pd.read_excel(Path(self.resourcefilepath) / 'ResourceFile_Epilepsy.xlsx', sheet_name='parameter_values') self.load_parameters_from_dataframe(dfd) p = self.parameters if 'HealthBurden' in self.sim.modules.keys(): # get the DALY weight - 860-862 are the sequale codes for epilepsy p['daly_wt_epilepsy_severe'] = self.sim.modules['HealthBurden'].get_daly_weight(sequlae_code=860) p['daly_wt_epilepsy_less_severe'] = self.sim.modules['HealthBurden'].get_daly_weight(sequlae_code=861) p['daly_wt_epilepsy_seizure_free'] = self.sim.modules['HealthBurden'].get_daly_weight(sequlae_code=862)
[docs] def initialise_population(self, population): """Set our property values for the initial population. This method is called by the simulation when creating the initial population, and is responsible for assigning initial values, for every individual, of those properties 'owned' by this module, i.e. those declared in the PROPERTIES dictionary above. """ df = population.props # a shortcut to the data-frame storing data for individuals p = self.parameters rng = self.rng df.loc[df.is_alive, 'ep_seiz_stat'] = '0' df.loc[df.is_alive, 'ep_antiep'] = False df.loc[df.is_alive, 'ep_epi_death'] = False df.loc[df.is_alive, 'ep_disability'] = 0 # allocate initial ep_seiz_stat df.loc[df.is_alive, 'ep_seiz_stat'] = rng.choice( ['0', '1', '2', '3'], size=df.is_alive.sum(), p=p['init_epil_seiz_status'] ) def allocate_antiepileptic(status, probability): mask = (df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat == status)) random_draw = rng.random_sample(size=mask.sum()) df.loc[mask, 'ep_antiep'] = random_draw < probability # allocate initial on antiepileptic seiz status 1, 2 and 3 allocate_antiepileptic('1', p['init_prop_antiepileptic_seiz_stat_1']) allocate_antiepileptic('2', p['init_prop_antiepileptic_seiz_stat_2']) allocate_antiepileptic('3', p['init_prop_antiepileptic_seiz_stat_3'])
[docs] def initialise_simulation(self, sim): """Get ready for simulation start. This method is called just before the main simulation loop begins, and after all modules have read their parameters and the initial population has been created. It is a good place to add initial events to the event queue. Here we add our three-monthly event to poll the population for epilepsy starting or stopping. """ epilepsy_poll = EpilepsyEvent(self) sim.schedule_event(epilepsy_poll, + DateOffset(months=0)) event = EpilepsyLoggingEvent(self) sim.schedule_event(event, + DateOffset(months=0)) # Get item_codes for the consumables used in the HSI hs = self.sim.modules['HealthSystem'] self.item_codes = dict() self.item_codes['phenobarbitone'] = hs.get_item_code_from_item_name("Phenobarbital, 100 mg") self.item_codes['carbamazepine'] = hs.get_item_code_from_item_name('Carbamazepine 200mg_1000_CMST') self.item_codes['phenytoin'] = hs.get_item_code_from_item_name('Phenytoin sodium 100mg_1000_CMST')
[docs] def on_birth(self, mother_id, child_id): """Initialise our properties for a newborn individual. This is called by the simulation whenever a new person is born. :param mother: the mother for this child :param child: the new child """ df = self.sim.population.props[child_id, 'ep_seiz_stat'] = '0'[child_id, 'ep_antiep'] = False[child_id, 'ep_epi_death'] = False[child_id, 'ep_disability'] = 0
[docs] def query_symptoms_now(self): # This is called by the health-care seeking module # All modules refresh the symptomology of persons at this time # And report it on the unified symptomology scale # logger.debug('This is Epilepsy being asked to report unified symptomology') # Map the specific symptoms for this disease onto the unified coding scheme df = self.sim.population.props # shortcut to population properties dataframe # df.loc[df.is_alive, 'ep_unified_symptom_code'] \ # = df.loc[df.is_alive, 'ep_seiz_stat'].map({ 0 : 1, 1 : 1, 2 : 1, 3 : 1}) # return df.loc[df.is_alive, 'ep_unified_symptom_code'] return pd.Series('1', index=df.index[df.is_alive])
[docs] def on_hsi_alert(self, person_id, treatment_id): """ This is called whenever there is an HSI event commissioned by one of the other disease modules. """ logger.debug(key='debug', data=f'This is Epilepsy, being alerted about a health system interaction ' f'by person {person_id} for: {treatment_id}')
[docs] def report_daly_values(self): # This must send back a pd.Series or pd.DataFrame that reports on the average daly-weights that have been # experienced by persons in the previous month. Only rows for alive-persons must be returned. # The names of the series of columns is taken to be the label of the cause of this disability. # It will be recorded by the healthburden module as <ModuleName>_<Cause>. logger.debug(key='debug', data='This is Epilepsy reporting my health values') df = self.sim.population.props # shortcut to population properties dataframe disability_series_for_alive_persons = df.loc[df.is_alive, 'ep_disability'] return disability_series_for_alive_persons
[docs]class EpilepsyEvent(RegularEvent, PopulationScopeEventMixin): """The regular event that actually changes individuals' epilepsy status Regular events automatically reschedule themselves at a fixed frequency, and thus implement discrete timestep type behaviour. The frequency is specified when calling the base class constructor in our __init__ method. """
[docs] def __init__(self, module): """Create a new depr event. We need to pass the frequency at which we want to occur to the base class constructor using super(). We also pass the module that created this event, so that random number generators can be scoped per-module. :param module: the module that created this event """ super().__init__(module, frequency=DateOffset(months=1)) p = module.parameters self.base_3m_prob_epilepsy = p['base_3m_prob_epilepsy'] / 3 self.rr_epilepsy_age_ge20 = p['rr_epilepsy_age_ge20'] self.prop_inc_epilepsy_seiz_freq = p['prop_inc_epilepsy_seiz_freq'] self.base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_freq_infreq = p['base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_freq_infreq'] self.rr_effectiveness_antiepileptics = p['rr_effectiveness_antiepileptics'] self.base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_infreq_freq = p['base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_infreq_freq'] / 3 self.base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_none_freq = p['base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_none_freq'] / 3 self.base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_none_infreq = p['base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_none_infreq'] / 3 self.base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_infreq_none = p['base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_infreq_none'] / 3 self.base_prob_3m_antiepileptic = p['base_prob_3m_antiepileptic'] / 3 self.rr_antiepileptic_seiz_infreq = p['rr_antiepileptic_seiz_infreq'] self.base_prob_3m_stop_antiepileptic = p['base_prob_3m_stop_antiepileptic'] self.rr_stop_antiepileptic_seiz_infreq_or_freq = p['rr_stop_antiepileptic_seiz_infreq_or_freq'] self.base_prob_3m_epi_death = p['base_prob_3m_epi_death'] self.daly_wt_epilepsy_severe = p['daly_wt_epilepsy_severe'] self.daly_wt_epilepsy_less_severe = p['daly_wt_epilepsy_less_severe'] self.daly_wt_epilepsy_seizure_free = p['daly_wt_epilepsy_seizure_free']
[docs] def apply(self, population): """Apply this event to the population. For efficiency, we use pandas operations to scan the entire population in bulk. :param population: the current population """ df = population.props # Declaration of how we will refer to any treatments that are related to this disease. # TREATMENT_ID = 'antiepileptic' # set ep_epi_death back to False after death df.loc[~df.is_alive & df.ep_epi_death, 'ep_epi_death'] = False df.loc[df.is_alive, 'ep_disability'] = 0 # update ep_seiz_stat for people ep_seiz_stat = 0 alive_seiz_stat_0_idx = df.index[df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat == '0')] ge20_seiz_stat_0_idx = df.index[df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat == '0') & (df.age_years >= 20)] eff_prob_epilepsy = pd.Series(self.base_3m_prob_epilepsy, index=alive_seiz_stat_0_idx) eff_prob_epilepsy.loc[ge20_seiz_stat_0_idx] *= self.rr_epilepsy_age_ge20 random_draw_01 = self.module.rng.random_sample(size=len(alive_seiz_stat_0_idx)) epi_now = eff_prob_epilepsy > random_draw_01 random_draw_02 = self.module.rng.random_sample(size=len(alive_seiz_stat_0_idx)) seiz_stat_3_idx = alive_seiz_stat_0_idx[epi_now & (self.prop_inc_epilepsy_seiz_freq > random_draw_02)] seiz_stat_2_idx = alive_seiz_stat_0_idx[epi_now & (self.prop_inc_epilepsy_seiz_freq <= random_draw_02)] df.loc[seiz_stat_3_idx, 'ep_seiz_stat'] = '3' df.loc[seiz_stat_2_idx, 'ep_seiz_stat'] = '2' n_incident_epilepsy = epi_now.sum() n_alive = df.is_alive.sum() incidence_epilepsy = (n_incident_epilepsy * 4 * 100000) / n_alive key='incidence_epilepsy', data={ 'incident_epilepsy': incidence_epilepsy, 'n_incident_epilepsy': n_incident_epilepsy, 'n_alive': n_alive } ) def transition_seiz_stat(current_state, new_state, transition_probability): in_current_state = df.index[df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat == current_state)] random_draw = self.module.rng.random_sample(size=len(in_current_state)) changing_state = in_current_state[transition_probability > random_draw] df.loc[changing_state, 'ep_seiz_stat'] = new_state transition_seiz_stat('1', '2', self.base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_infreq_none) transition_seiz_stat('2', '1', self.base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_infreq_none) transition_seiz_stat('2', '3', self.base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_freq_infreq) transition_seiz_stat('3', '1', self.base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_none_freq) transition_seiz_stat('3', '2', self.base_prob_3m_seiz_stat_infreq_freq) # save all individuals that are currently on anti-epileptics (seizure status: 2 & 3 or 1) alive_seiz_stat_1_antiep_idx = df.index[df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat == '1') & df.ep_antiep] alive_seiz_stat_2_or_3_antiep_idx = df.index[df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat.isin(['2', '3'])) & df.ep_antiep] def start_antiep(ep_seiz_stat, probability): """start individuals with seiz status on antiep with given probability""" idx = df.index[df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat == ep_seiz_stat) & ~df.ep_antiep] selected = probability > self.module.rng.random_sample(size=len(idx)) df.loc[idx, 'ep_antiep'] = selected return idx[selected] # update ep_antiep if ep_seiz_stat = 2 & ep_seiz_stat = 3 now_on_antiep1 = start_antiep('2', self.base_prob_3m_antiepileptic * self.rr_antiepileptic_seiz_infreq) now_on_antiep2 = start_antiep('3', self.base_prob_3m_antiepileptic) # start on treatment if health system has capacity # create a df with one row per person needing to start treatment - this is only way I have # managed to get query access to service code to work properly here (should be possible to remove # relevant rows from dfx rather than create dfxx for person_id_to_start_treatment in now_on_antiep1.append(now_on_antiep2): event = HSI_Epilepsy_Start_Anti_Epilpetic(self.module, person_id=person_id_to_start_treatment) target_date = + DateOffset(days=int(self.module.rng.rand() * 30)) self.sim.modules['HealthSystem'].schedule_hsi_event(event, priority=2, topen=target_date, tclose=None) def stop_antiep(indices, probability): """stop individuals on antiep with given probability""" df.loc[indices, 'ep_antiep'] = probability > self.module.rng.random_sample(size=len(indices)) # rate of stop ep_antiep if ep_seiz_stat = 1 stop_antiep(alive_seiz_stat_1_antiep_idx, self.base_prob_3m_antiepileptic * self.rr_stop_antiepileptic_seiz_infreq_or_freq) # rate of stop ep_antiep if ep_seiz_stat = 2 or 3 stop_antiep(alive_seiz_stat_2_or_3_antiep_idx, self.base_prob_3m_antiepileptic * self.rr_stop_antiepileptic_seiz_infreq_or_freq) # disability # note disability weights from gbd do not map fully onto epilepsy states in model - could re-visit # this proposed mapping below df.loc[df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat == '1'), 'ep_disability'] = self.daly_wt_epilepsy_seizure_free df.loc[df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat == '2'), 'ep_disability'] = self.daly_wt_epilepsy_less_severe df.loc[df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat == '3'), 'ep_disability'] = self.daly_wt_epilepsy_severe # update ep_epi_death alive_seiz_stat_2_or_3_idx = df.index[df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat.isin(['2', '3']))] chosen = self.base_prob_3m_epi_death > self.module.rng.random_sample(size=len(alive_seiz_stat_2_or_3_idx)) df.loc[alive_seiz_stat_2_or_3_idx, 'ep_epi_death'] = chosen for individual_id in alive_seiz_stat_2_or_3_idx[chosen]: self.sim.schedule_event( InstantaneousDeath(self.module, individual_id, 'Epilepsy'), )
[docs]class EpilepsyLoggingEvent(RegularEvent, PopulationScopeEventMixin):
[docs] def __init__(self, module): # run this event every 3 month self.repeat = 3 super().__init__(module, frequency=DateOffset(months=self.repeat))
[docs] def apply(self, population): # get some summary statistics df = population.props n_alive = df.is_alive.sum() n_antiepilep_seiz_stat_0 = (df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat == '0') & df.ep_antiep).sum() n_antiepilep_seiz_stat_1 = (df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat == '1') & df.ep_antiep).sum() n_antiepilep_seiz_stat_2 = (df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat == '2') & df.ep_antiep).sum() n_antiepilep_seiz_stat_3 = (df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat == '3') & df.ep_antiep).sum() n_seiz_stat_0 = (df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat == '0')).sum() n_seiz_stat_1 = (df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat == '1')).sum() n_seiz_stat_2 = (df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat == '2')).sum() n_seiz_stat_3 = (df.is_alive & (df.ep_seiz_stat == '3')).sum() n_seiz_stat_1_3 = n_seiz_stat_1 + n_seiz_stat_2 + n_seiz_stat_3 n_seiz_stat_2_3 = n_seiz_stat_2 + n_seiz_stat_3 n_antiep = (df.is_alive & df.ep_antiep).sum() n_epi_death = df.ep_epi_death.sum() prop_seiz_stat_0 = n_seiz_stat_0 / n_alive prop_seiz_stat_1 = n_seiz_stat_1 / n_alive prop_seiz_stat_2 = n_seiz_stat_2 / n_alive prop_seiz_stat_3 = n_seiz_stat_3 / n_alive prop_antiepilep_seiz_stat_0 = n_antiepilep_seiz_stat_0 / n_seiz_stat_0 prop_antiepilep_seiz_stat_1 = n_antiepilep_seiz_stat_1 / n_seiz_stat_1 prop_antiepilep_seiz_stat_2 = n_antiepilep_seiz_stat_2 / n_seiz_stat_2 prop_antiepilep_seiz_stat_3 = n_antiepilep_seiz_stat_3 / n_seiz_stat_3 epi_death_rate = (n_epi_death * 4 * 1000) / (n_seiz_stat_2 + n_seiz_stat_3) cum_deaths = (~df.is_alive).sum()'epilepsy_logging', data={ 'prop_seiz_stat_0': prop_seiz_stat_0, 'prop_seiz_stat_1': prop_seiz_stat_1, 'prop_seiz_stat_2': prop_seiz_stat_2, 'prop_seiz_stat_3': prop_seiz_stat_3, 'prop_antiepilep_seiz_stat_0': prop_antiepilep_seiz_stat_0, 'prop_antiepilep_seiz_stat_1': prop_antiepilep_seiz_stat_1, 'prop_antiepilep_seiz_stat_2': prop_antiepilep_seiz_stat_2, 'prop_antiepilep_seiz_stat_3': prop_antiepilep_seiz_stat_3, 'n_epi_death': n_epi_death, 'cum_deaths': cum_deaths, 'epi_death_rate': epi_death_rate, 'n_seiz_stat_1_3': n_seiz_stat_1_3, 'n_seiz_stat_2_3': n_seiz_stat_2_3, 'n_antiep': n_antiep, })
[docs]class HSI_Epilepsy_Start_Anti_Epilpetic(HSI_Event, IndividualScopeEventMixin): """ This is a Health System Interaction Event. It is first appointment that someone has when they present to the healthcare system with the severe symptoms of Mockitis. If they are aged over 15, then a decision is taken to start treatment at the next appointment. If they are younger than 15, then another initial appointment is scheduled for then are 15 years old. """
[docs] def __init__(self, module, person_id): super().__init__(module, person_id=person_id) self.TREATMENT_ID = 'Epilepsy_Treatment' self.EXPECTED_APPT_FOOTPRINT = self.make_appt_footprint({'Over5OPD': 1}) self.ACCEPTED_FACILITY_LEVEL = '1b'
[docs] def apply(self, person_id, squeeze_factor): df = self.sim.population.props # Define the consumables anti_epileptics_available = False if self.get_consumables(self.module.item_codes['phenobarbitone']): anti_epileptics_available = True logger.debug(key='debug', data='@@@@@@@@@@ STARTING TREATMENT FOR SOMEONE!!!!!!!') elif self.get_consumables(self.module.item_codes['carbamazepine']): anti_epileptics_available = True logger.debug(key='debug', data='@@@@@@@@@@ STARTING TREATMENT FOR SOMEONE!!!!!!!') elif self.get_consumables(self.module.item_codes['phenytoin']): anti_epileptics_available = True logger.debug(key='debug', data='@@@@@@@@@@ STARTING TREATMENT FOR SOMEONE!!!!!!!') if anti_epileptics_available:[person_id, 'ep_antiep'] = True