Source code for tlo.logging.encoding

import json

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd

[docs] class PandasEncoder(json.JSONEncoder): """Encode numpy and pandas objects for writing to json"""
[docs] def default(self, obj): # using base classes for numpy numeric types if isinstance(obj, np.floating): return float(obj) elif isinstance(obj, np.signedinteger): return int(obj) elif isinstance(obj, pd.Timestamp): return obj.isoformat() elif isinstance(obj, pd.Categorical): # assume only only one categorical value per cell return obj.tolist()[0] elif isinstance(obj, set): return list(obj) elif isinstance(obj, type(pd.NaT)): return None # when logging a series directly, numpy datatypes are used elif isinstance(obj, np.datetime64): return pd.Timestamp(obj).isoformat() elif isinstance(obj, np.bool_): return bool(obj) return json.JSONEncoder.default(self, obj)